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FreeStyle InsuLinx

No more insulin math!1

Learn how FreeStyle InsuLinx can help you manage your diabetes by offering insulin dosing suggestions, not just numbers.

The many benefits of FreeStyle InsuLinx

  • Does the insulin math for you

    The FreeStyle InsuLinx is a blood glucose meter that will calculate your insulin dosage for you at every meal.1

  • Easy2

    The touch screen makes it easy to test and calculate an insulin dose to help you achieve blood sugar control.

  • Convenient

    You can easily log your blood glucose and insulin, download your readings to your PC or Mac® and share with your health care professional. No more writing in a log book.

  • Remember when to test and take your insulin with reminders

    Meter reminders and alarms can remind you when to test and when to take insulin. You can also set other personalized alarms for any important event or activity during your day.

FreeStyle Lite test strips

The FreeStyle InsuLinx is compatible with FreeStyle Lite blood glucose test strips with ZipWik Tabs. These blood sugar test strips are easy to use and require a small blood sample size. When the ZipWik Tab on FreeStyle Lite glucose meter test strips touches the blood drop it breaks the blood surface and instantly wicks the blood into the strip.

The FreeStyle InsuLinx meter

The FreeStyle InsuLinx meter measures your blood glucose levels and automatically calculates your insulin dosage suggestions.

  • User-friendly

    One button turns the meter on and off and the touch screen is easy to read and use.

  • Display your favourite images on the screen

    Whatever image makes you smile, take it with you on your FreeStyle InsuLinx meter.

  • Track your progress with an automated log book

    With one touch you can store your insulin dose for future reference (blood glucose is automatically logged when performing a test). The automated logbook data analysis also helps monitor your diabetes management.*

  • Reliable

    Insulin dosing suggestions are calculated automatically and accurately and are based upon your blood glucose reading and your individual data.*

  • See how you are progressing weekly

    Messages are sent every seven days that help identify patterns in your blood glucose results.*